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For over 20 years of my life I was in complete bondage to pornography.  At the same time, I could never figure out why I was also so angry, miserable and alone – and yet the only thing that seemed to make me feel better was more porn…well, at least temporarily.

Do you find yourself in the same situation right now?  Are you asking yourself, “Why am I so obsessed with sex?  Why can’t I stop looking at porn?”  Well, you’re not the only one asking those questions.  I’ve been there… right where you are – asking those same questions looking for real answers and real help.

You’re invited to my new FREE monthly webinar series.  Each month I will be talking about sexuality, the evils of pornography, the new marriage culture and much more.   The webinar takes place the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm PT. 

You will also be able to ask your own questions through a chat box from the privacy of your home, office or mobile device.  I will be teaching the first thirty minutes and answering your questions during the last 30 minutes.

Please note that this webinar is secure.  Additionally, no one will see you nor will you be able to see anyone but me.  Check it out below:

Dustin Daniels Porn Cycle Webinar

Topics that I will address during this webinar series are below:

  • Why its so hard to stop looking at porn.
  • How to respond when tempted.
  • Learning the eleven triggers of the Porn Cycle.
  • The role of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in your purity journey.

I can’t think of a better way for you to start your purity journey towards sexual integrity.  I would love to meet you and help you along this new chapter in your life!  God will teach you some amazing things about freedom during these webinars. Galatians 5:1 reads – Christ has freed us so that we may enjoy the benefits of freedom. Therefore, be firm in this freedom, and don’t become slaves again.

This webinar series has been placed on hold until further notice.  To be notified of future events please click here.


FAQ: Porn Cycle Webinar

  1. Is this webinar for both men and women?  Yes.
  2. Can my child view this webinar series with me?  Yes.  Statistics show that children are first seeing pornography for the first time as early as 5 -7 years old.  It’s critically important that you start this purity conversation very early in your child’s life.  This webinar is a great way to start the actual conversation – and to keep it going.
  3. Can my church or small group watch this together as a group?  Yes.  There will be additional information on how to facilitate the optional questions after the webinar each week for groups.  Please have the leader/facilitator of your group register by clicking here.  The purity ministry of Seven Places® asks that you would please make an additional donation depending on the size of your group.  Click here to make the additional donation.
  4. Is there a workbook that comes with the webinar?  Yes.  Each week there is a downloadable PDF that contains the material that is discussed.  You will also be able to take your own notes and as we move along the series.  It is recommended that you put these worksheets in a three ring binder to create your own workbook.
  5. How secure is the webinar?  We are using the Adobe Connect platform to facilitate the webinar which contains it’s own network SSL.
  6. Will people be able to see me?  No, you will view the webinar in participant mode.  The only person you will be able to see is Pastor Dustin.
  7. How will I be able to ask questions to Pastor Dustin?  There is a “Q&A” chat box that you can type your questions into.  Dustin will see your first name only, read your question so that everyone can hear it and then answer your question via video.
  8. Will this webinar series  be recorded if I miss one?  Yes.