Would Your Child Make You Blush About Sex?

Would Your ChiMake You Blush About Sex?

Jonny Hunt, a sex education consultant, stood before the class and asked the students to write an A-Z list of the sexual terms
 they knew, no matter how extreme. There the children sat wearing school uniforms, wide-eyed, shy, high-pitched voices, barely adolescents — writing all the sexual terms they could remember. When Mr. Hunt pinned their lists to the board, every adult in the room was startled about how much they knew: their index of sexual terms surpassed even the knowledge of the sex education consultant!

Wow! What do you think? If you asked your kids to do the same, to write down every sexual term they knew…would they introduce you to a few new terms that you’ve never heard before? Maybe a better question is, would your child make you blush? My guest today Luke Gilkerson who has written a new eBook with Covenant Eyes titled: Parenting the Internet Generation: A Blueprint for Teaching Digital Discernment.

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