Wayne Jacobsen


Do you remember this game as a child…the one where you take a flower, and the precious little girl would slowly pluck the pedals off the flower and say “He loves me, he loves me not”? I wonder how many of us have unknowingly brought this seemingly harmless little game into our adult life. It could certainly be with our marriage…but let’s ponder this question with our relationship with God.

Is it possible that we have turned this little childhood game into our theology when it comes to knowing our Heavenly Father? Do we think God loves us more based upon our attitudes and actions…or is it really possible that He would love us for the sole purpose of loving us because we are His children?

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Bio: Simply put I am the son of a farmer, a husband to Sara, the father of Julie and Andrew, and a grandpa to some delightful children. I consider myself a brother on a journey, willing to share what God has given to me in any way that will help others discover the joy of life in him. As you will see the Lord has been gracious to me, and everything he has done in me and through me is by his mercy and grace. I hope the real story you glean from these pages is a greater awareness of God’s unfolding work in you, not in me. That’s a story worth knowing.”

I have been on a life-long journey to sort out what it means to live in the love of the Father. I also have an unremitting desire to help other people who are on that journey or want to go on it, which is why I maintain Lifestream.org. I enjoy helping people discover how to live loved by God and to live freely in healthy friendships with other believers. As we learn to do that, we’ll also find that we will quite naturally become a conduit of God’s compassion to a world that is broken and devastated by sin. I have shared this story in books and articles, spoken of it in teachings,which you can find out more about on this website. I also co-host a regular podcast at The God Journey.