Vicki Tiede


Pornography might be your problem, but intimacy is about both husband and wife under the covenant of marriage from Almighty God. If 50%-60% of Christian men are addicted to pornography, that means there are an additional 50%-60% of wives, children, family and friends that are impacted as well. Vicki Tiede walks us through part of the grieving process of betrayal.

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Vicki Tiede is an inspiring Bible teacher, conference speaker, and author. Her passion is to open the Scriptures with women in order to share God’s grace and enduring faithfulness. She transparently relates life experiences that resonate and draw others into a lifelong pursuit of knowing God.

Vicki’s candor and humor are a delight to her audiences, who feel like they’ve met a new friend moments after she begins to share a glimpse into her life. She consistently points her audiences back to God’s Word and presents fresh insights into the Scriptures.

Living in Rochester, Minnesota, Vicki is a wife, homeschooling mom, and the coordinator of women’s ministries in her local church. Vicki holds Master’s degrees in Ministry and in Education.