Shannon Hoffpauir


Do kids have an internal hunger for God’s Word? Our guest this week has spent the last two decades teaching students and says emphatically…. “YES!” they do.
In this show we’ll also discuss how kids are more curious rather than embarrassed about sex, and provide a great example as to how to have the “sex, sexuality and pornography” discussion with your kids. In show 68, we discuss the questions that middle school and high school girls ask. Questions that may make a parent, pastor or teacher squirm or blush… especially when it comes to homosexuality and oral sex, Shannon handles through Biblical Truth and grace-filled relationships.

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Bio: Shannon Hoffpauir is the founder of OY-KAS (Oikos) Ministries.
Shannon developed a teaching style that brought the stories and truths of the bible to life. Her relational personality, gift of communication, and insightful application created a hunger in young people to know more about the scriptures and the God who inspired them.