Milan & Kay Yerkovich


Have you ever paused long enough to ponder why you keep making the same choices over and over again? Have you rested long enough to realize that you’ve had the very same reactions to the very same problems for years….maybe even decades?

How does my love style affect intimacy with my spouse? How does my childhood experiences affect my sex life with my spouse? Believe it or not, sex is actually part of our walk with God. We have a choice to allow God to redeem our mistakes and begin the recovery process from these broken places. We have a choice to allow Almighty God to make our sex life holy! To do this, we must first learn the precursor to sexual intimacy. What is it? Listen and find out!

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Milan, ordained minister and pastoral counselor, has devoted himself to working with families and couples for over thirty years. Milan holds his masters degree in Biblical Studies and his California teaching credential. He loves teaching the Bible, and lecturing on relational theology. He was a pastor for thirteen years, and previously worked as a pastoral counselor with the Center for Individual and Family Therapy.

Kay is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She enjoyed her role as a stay at home mom for many years, and completed her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling in 1993. Her specialty is treating couples using attachment theory as the foundation of her work. She is a popular speaker and lecturer in the areas of parenting and marriage relationships, and she supervises and trains other therapists. Kay also enjoys participating in a prison ministry.