Michael John Cusick


Michael John Cusick, the author of Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle discusses his own testimony with sexual sin and how God allowed him to use that struggle to write his new book.

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Michael John Cusick is an ordained minister, spiritual director, and Licensed Professional Counselor who has experienced the restoring touch of God in a deeply broken life and marriage.  Having served in ministry for over twenty five years–including youth and college ministry, Michael’s passion is to connect life’s broken realities with the reality of the gospel.

In addition to leading retreats and equipping Christian organizations around the world, Michael currently serves as an adjunct professor at Denver Seminary.  He holds an MA in Biblical Counseling from Colorado Christian University and an MA from the College of Education at the University of Denver.  Michael lives with his wife Julianne, and two children, in Littleton, Colorado where he enjoys the Rocky Mountains, and a host of other outdoor activities with friends and family.