Luke Gilkerson


Luke Gilkerson with Covenant Eyes speaks on his collaborative free ebook titled Porn-Free Church: Raising up Gospel Communities to Destroy Secret Sins. Focusing on the chapter titled “Straight Talk to Husbands”, questions discussed are: Does my wife need to lighten up? Do you look at women instead of interact with them? Are you a “peeping Tom” in your own home? Is this the man you really want to be?

Show 15: Does My Wife Need to Lighten Up About Porn?

Show 16: Ladies, Can You Compete with a Digital Harem?

Show 19: I just found out about my husband’s porn, what do I do now?

Show 20: Seven Reasons Why Guys Like Porn

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Luke Gilkerson is the general editor and primary author of Breaking Free. He serves as the Internet Community Manager at Covenant Eyes. Luke has a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Bowling Green State University and is working on an MA in Religion from Reformed Theological Seminary. Before working at Covenant Eyes he spent six years as a campus minister. He understands firsthand the struggles and temptations someone faces when surfing the Internet, and he seeks to give people practical and spiritual resources to fight these temptations. Luke’s favorite activities include blogging, reading theology books, starting random philosophical discussions, dating his wife Trisha, and playing with his four sons. Luke blogs at