Lindon & Sherry Gareis

Declutter Your Life NOW!

We like our “stuff” don’t we? All the pretty shiny things that grab our attention. Regardless if we have the money or not.

What does our stuff have to say about our relationship with God? How can you love God with all your mind, if your mind is a cluttered stressed out burdened mess? Lastly, how does the messiness in our life effect our walk with God?

Those questions come from Lindon and Sherry Gareis, authors of Declutter Now! Uncovering The Hidden Joy and Freedom in Your Life.


Bio:  Action Plan Ministries, LLC, founded by Lindon and Sherry Gareis, was created to impact everyday living with positive, practical and purposeful advice.

Lindon and Sherry began writing in September 2009. They had no
idea what God’s overall plan entailed, but they were certain he was directing them to share their passion through Declutter Now!.

While working through the book editing process, it was placed on
their hearts to begin a ministry as a means to provide resources and
services to their readers; hence Action Plan Ministries was born.

Shortly thereafter, while reviewing Declutter Now!’s manuscript, a
trusted mentor recommended that Lindon and Sherry take Christian
Life Coaching classes and become certified coaches. They checked
out the program of study and signed up immediately. As one course
led to the next, the perfect fit between their interests, desires and
life coaching was absolutely undeniable.

Each step of the way, relying solely on faith, decisions were made
that have led to the most spiritually uplifting journey imaginable.
Looking back, it’s clear that God’s orchestration was hard at work
from the very beginning, even though Lindon and Sherry were
initially unaware how each piece would fit together or what the big
picture would look like. They have no idea what else God has in
store for them, but they trust in him completely to guide their path
and they pray to be used each and every day to serve him with
their whole hearts.
The Gareises are small group leaders from Glendale, AZ, and have a blended family of three sons and one daughter. In their spare time you will find them writing, boating, hiking, gardening, or hosting a family barbeque. They love being outdoors, love being together, and are committed to a lifelong honeymoon.

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