Laura Gallier


Does going to Church, praying, reading your Bible and attending Bible studies inoculate your child’s curiosity about sex or escalate it? What do you do when you find out that your child is already having sex? Almost 50% of high school students are sexually active, while 50% of our marriages end up in divorce. Is that a coincidence? We discuss all these questions and more!

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As a teenager and young adult, Laura appeared to be an outgoing young lady with a bright future. In reality, she was ashamed, confused and broken as a result of her sexually active lifestyle. It wasn’t until she experienced an unplanned pregnancy, followed by a rushed marriage and subsequent divorce, that she came to the realization that God’s biblical plan for sex and marriage is for our protection. She repented for her past and determined that, by God’s grace, she would live a sexually pure life.

Laura eventually met Patrick, and they honored Christ throughout their dating relationship and became husband and wife in January of 2001. They began serving together in student ministry, and Laura soon discovered that she possesses a unique ability to connect with teenagers and communicate in a way that resonates with young people. In time, the Lord placed an intense passion in her to clearly explain what the Bible has to say about sex and relationships. Realizing that purity training is most effective when parents take the lead through meaningful at-home discipleship connections, Laura authored a parent-teen purity study in 2009. Two years later, she developed a resource for parents and elementary-age children that lays a foundation for a life of purity.
Laura continues to write books that bring a biblical perspective to issues surrounding sexuality, romance and relationships and frequently speaks to a variety of audiences including parents, singles, young adults and teens.

Patrick and Laura have an adventurous home life that consists of four children: a teen young man who loves to play football, a teen girl who “gags” at the thought of watching football, an elementary-age girl who thinks she’s a teenager, and an energetic little boy, whom Patrick lightheartedly says “brings balance to the force.” The Galliers live in Cypress, Texas, and attend Champion Forest Baptist Church.