Jeff Fisher


It was the worst day of Jeff’s life….getting caught with pornography at work. As a Pastor, Jeff was planting churches and pointing people to Jesus, but in Jeff’s personal life he had a secret. Listen now to find out how Jeff can say the worst day of his life…..was actually his best.

In show 44, we discuss: On our wedding day, we say to our spouse….”For Better or Worse”.  We all know things get really tough when we head into the seasons of our life that are “worse”, but can a marriage actually survive sexual sin?

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Bio: Jeff Fisher is a blogger and podcaster from Raleigh, NC. Deep recovery began when his pornography addiction caused him to lose his ministry position. For the first time, he began discovering the sexual health that God intended for him and for his marriage. Jeff and his wife Marsha run and designed to offer hope, encouragement, and resources to individuals and couples struggling with sexual sin. His podcast Top Tips For Sexual Purity Podcast can be found on iTunes.