Jay Flagg


Sexual sin is a lot of things. One thing in particular that you may not be aware of is that pornography is a symptomatic sin. It’s a surface sin. When we take the time to dig deep into our lives, we start to realize by God’s unfathomable grace, we have some serious issues in our lives that are a direct correlation to our dependance on porn.

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Jay graduated from University of Arizona in 1976 and worked in business in Flagstaff—an office supply company and a Christian bookstore. During that time he married Ann and adopted a daughter, Dana. He attended Fuller Theological Seminary’s Phoenix extension program. Jay served as Worship Director at Desert View Baptist Church in Gilbert, Arizona. In 1990, Jay, Ann and Dana moved to Pennsylvania so that Jay could serve as a chaplain at Clarion University as part of the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO), a regional ministry to college students. He eventually served as an Area Director for the CCO, developing new ministries and staff in Western Pennsylvania.
In 1998, the family returned to Arizona, where Jay took a pastorate at Christ’s Church of Son Valley in Mesa. It was a small (45 people), struggling congregation. In the next five years, some great things happen there. The group grew to 150 people. The church retired a quarter-of-a-million dollar debt and launched a successful campaign to work together with the neighborhood. It was at that time that Jay fell morally. The impact was huge. His misdeeds hurt many people. There were many regrets (and still are lingering sorrows). He left his pastorate in shame and disgrace. However, his wife, daughter, family and a few friends remained committed to him. His wife, Ann, forgave Jay. They have worked through a great deal in subsequent years.