Jay Dennis


What happens when Almighty God lays an entire sexual purity movement on the heart of a Baptist Pastor from Florida? Well, He gathers together one million Godly men to stand up and draw a line in the sand when it comes to pornography in their lives! In Show 58, We ask ourselves this question, “When I look at pornography…am I committing adultery?” Jesus’ words are crystal clear on this issue. However, most of the Church tends to gloss over this passage and think that Jesus really doesn’t mean what He is saying in Matthew 5:27. We don’t need a second opinion, but just out of curiosity…why not ask your wife? If you’re single, ask a trusted female friend. Could it be that the reason we don’t want to ask is because we know exactly what the answer will be? In this show we dive into the very words of Jesus on the subject of porn, and the consequences that will eventually show up in your life due to sexual sin.

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Bio: Chosen as one of the ‘Top 21 Emerging Leaders of the 21st Century’, Dr. Jay Dennis has been a driving force in the Christian community for years. He received his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas in 1981. He then went on to complete his Doctorate of Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminar in Pasadena, Calif. in 1993. Serving as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Lakeland, Fla. since 1996, Dr. Jay Dennis is responsible for its phenomenal growth. Featured in Billy Graham’s Decision Today radio show and Christianity Today, Lakeland’s largest church, spanning 32 acres with a congregation of 6,500, is known as First Baptist Church at the Mall. Dr. Dennis served as president of the Florida Baptist Convention, president of the State Baptist Presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention and was appointed to serve on the Evangelism Committee of the Baptist World Alliance. He hosts a weekly television show, Strategies4Life, which reaches audiences across the United States. Strategies4Life is also the name of Dr. Dennis’ nonprofit organization committed to positively impacting the world through individuals, corporations, churches and small groups. A sought-after speaker, Dr. Jay Dennis has written six books, including Dangerous Intersections (2004), In the Shadow of Billy Graham: The Next Level Leadership of T.W. Wilson (2005) and The Jesus Habits (2005). Originally from Fort Smith, Ark., Dr Jay Dennis currently resides in Florida and is happily married with two children— Will, 21, and Emily, 16.