Gregory Mertz

Is Queen Elsa Now a Lesbian

I have a friend named Troy. He and his wife have a six year old daughter, and she LOVES the movie Frozen. In fact, she loves ALL THINGS Frozen. This movie was released in November of 2013 and she is still singing the song, she is still watching the movie, she is still wanting toys and backpacks and clothes. Basically, Troy’s daughter LOVES Queen Elsa.

Several weeks ago, the LGBT and Hollywood elites stood together demanding Disney create Queen Elsa’s character into a Lesbian on the sequel to Frozen. They claim, based off of their views in Frozen, she is already a lesbian and now only needs a girlfriend.

How would you suggest that Troy and his wife explain to their precious six year old daughter, that Queen Elsa isn’t looking for prince charming, but rather Queen Elsa – their daughter’s hero – is a lesbian? Of course they will need to explain what a lesbian is to a six year old little girl.

My guest today is Gregory Mertz. He is the U.S. Campaigns Director for the CitizenGO Foundation which has created a petition to let Disney know that we do not want Queen Elsa’s character to turn into a lesbian.

Listen to the show and click here to sign the petition!

Bio: Gregory Mertz is the U.S. Campaigns Director for the CitizenGO Foundation, a 4 million member non-profit grassroots lobby based in Madrid, Spain, Gregory helped establish it’s Washington D.C office in 2013. He is leading successful petitions that support pro-life, pro-family beliefs and religious freedom.

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