Heath Lambert


Is God’s grace something you simply talk about, or is it a Power that you can access? How do we not take grace for granted and how do we make it practical? In this show Dr. Heath Lambert discusses the difference between “Forgiving Grace” and “Transforming Grace” from his new book titled “Finally Free”.

In Show 56, we discuss how women will ask, “How will I know that my husband is serious about getting rid of pornography? He has apologized and even cried asking for forgiveness.” She is asking about the difference between Godly sorrow & worldly sorrow….which in all reality is a question of life or death. In this show Dr. Heath Lambert shares a few stories about the difference between the two, along with the one key factor of Godly sorrow that leads to life.

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Bio: Dr. Lambert is a professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Boyce College. Dr. Lambert came to the faculty at Boyce College from the pastoral ministry having served as an associate and senior pastor at churches in Kentucky and North Carolina. Professor Lambert’s passion is to equip future church leaders to be Christ-exalting ministers of the Word of God. In his teaching he wants to foster in students a zeal to preach God’s Word, counsel God’s Word, and live God’s Word. Dr. Lambert and his wife, Lauren, have three children; two sons, Carson and Connor, and a daughter, Chloe.