Fred Stoeker


Are you afraid to even step out onto the battlefield of lust? Does the thought of other people knowing that you struggle with pornography or other forms of sexual sin paralyze you? Believe it or not, God shows us that it is possible to get free from sexual sin. Not only is it possible, but He enables you to get free by The Holy Spirit, His Word, and a community of people who understand your struggle first hand. You are not the only one who struggles, this truly is Every Man’s Battle.

In show 34 we deal with questions like, how much does a husband’s sexual sin have to do with his wife? Can a man heal himself simply by reading scripture? How important is it for the wife to understand male sexuality? All these questions are addressed and more!

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Facing a moment of truth regarding his sexual purity a couple years after his wedding in 1981, Fred Stoeker is well aware of the battle men face with sexual sin. After stumbling upon his father’s Playboy magazine under his Dad’s bed in first grade, Fred struggled with pornographic materials for the next twenty years or so. Despite entering a committed relationship with Jesus Christ at age 23, Fred continued to struggle with pornography until his wedding the following year. He quickly found that marriage did not eliminate the problem and the negative effects of his sexual sin upon his intimacy with God and with his wife Brenda grew more each year.