Jeff Kemp


On today’s show my guest, former NFL quarterback Jeff Kemp and I talk about the things in life that you are not expecting.

For example, when the boss asks you to come into his office and tells you that you’re being laid off. When the doctor calls with test results, and asks that you come in ASAP. When your precious 14 year old daughter comes home, and tells you that she’s pregnant. When your wife finds pornography on your computer.

Whether these things are self inflicted or not, life is all about the unexpected. How are you going to respond when…not if…but when these things start happening in your life?

Lastly Jeff give some wise advice as to what to do when facing the blitz regarding sexual temptations and purity.


Bio: Jeff’s story includes an amazing journey in the face of long odds during an eleven-year career in the NFL.  He was a successful back-up and starting quarterback for the Rams, Forty-Niners, Seahawks and Eagles.  Jeff and his father, Jack Kemp, were the first father-son NFL quarterbacks in history.

Jeff is dedicated to strengthening families and strengthening teams. He is passionate marriages, families and children.

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