Cathy Dyer


Cathy Dyer shares a personal story of God’s amazing grace and redemptive work in her marriage. On July 19, 2000, Cathy received some news she never wanted to hear. Her husband was leaving her with a three month old baby to pursue an affair. And then six months later….just days after she decided to take off her ring and file for divorce… her husband shows back up to ask for forgiveness. How does Cathy respond? How would you respond? Listen to how Almighty God worked in her marriage and will also work in yours when you let Him.

In show 52, we continue our conversation with Cathy Dyer and discuss a wife’s response to her husband’s sexual sin. Should she simply ignore it? Will it go away….or is this a green light for her husband to continue down the path he’s on? This question is answered along with many others as Cathy continues to speak from her own experience with a game plan for wives.

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Bio: Cathy Dyer knows firsthand the pain of pornography. After seven years of marriage, her husband, entangled in the vice of pornography, left her. He came back, but the journey to a renewed relationship wasn’t easy, and she wasn’t sure she even wanted it. Only through counseling and God’s healing has their relationship been restored. Encouraging their new pastor, Jay Dennis, to continue broaching this topic, they have become the front cover for this issue and have aided in the development of the “Our Hardcore Battle Plan” series.