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Welcome gentlemen. I’m glad you are here learning what to do so that you may glorify God with your sexual integrity.

Unfortunately, most men think that they can “fix” their sexual sin problem themselves. It is indeed this irrational and un-Biblical thinking that got us into the situation we’re in…in the first place! We try and diagnose a disease (sin) that we can’t comprenend.

First, allow me to give you some sobering news. Reading books, praying harder and memorizing scripture by yourself will not make you pure. It only causes more pain and delays the journey toward healing because your trying to apply rules and disciplines you’ll never be able to keep. Only Jesus Christ can heal you through the power of the Holy Spirit from your bondage to sexual sin.

So what is the missing element in your life?  Community.  We are simply unable to give and receive Love by ourselves. When we look at the life of Jesus, we see that He was always in community.  Community is where we learn what True Love really is.

Community also involves having a plan for sexual integrity.  The plan involves God’s Truth about who He is and who you are.  It teaches us about His definition of Love, and the lie in lust.  God’s Truth will set you free, but it hurts like crazy first!  There is no other way my friend.  I personally know this through 20 years of being in bondage to sexual sin.  We must willfully choose to lay down our ego and pride and confess that we are indeed powerless over sin.

In dealing with sexual sin there are certain things that must be done for hope and healing:

  1. Confession: 1) Confess your sin to God & 2) confess your sin to Brothers – Please note that when you confess your sin you are indeed forgiven…but you are not healed from the sin.  Being forgiven and healed are two very different things. The grace of Almighty God is for salvation (forgiveness) while obedience to God’s Word is for repentance and healing.
  2. Commit to a weekly Christ centered purity group for one year.  Start here with my online weekly group.
  3. Commit to one-on-one counseling with a Pastoral Counselor.  This will address the shame associated with your sin.  Unless you find the source of your shame, you will continue to medicate your life with sex (or other sins).
  4. Commit to NOT quitting.

Ready for some good news?  This journey toward sexual integrity is the most amazing Spirit filled journey you will EVER take!  Few are willing to take the ride and even fewer experience what it’s like to find the Love they were searching for all along. What do you say?  Let’s go!