The_Truth_Just_Ahead_Green_Ro_11944751Brothers, we have an epidemic on our hands.  Over half of the Church that Almighty God allows you to steward is addicted (in bondage to/has a stronghold) to pornography.  Statistics tell us that 50%-60% of men and 20%-30% of women are not just playing with pornography, but are addicted.  As you listen to the experts on this radio show, they tend to all agree that the porn problem is much worse than the statistics stated.  In other words Christ’s bride is in bondage…. we are slaves to sexual sin.

There are many reasons for this:

  • Pornography is a coping mechanism. It’s how we choose to deal with the shame in our lives.  Instead of running into the arms of Jesus, we choose to run into the arms of an adulteress.
  • The Church has been evangelized by the world, believing the world’s lie that pornography is not a sin.
  • We as leaders in the Church have chosen to remain silent.

What can you do as a Church leader?  There are two things:

  • We must preach this topic from the pulpit with both Truth & grace.
  • Offer  groups to process this information and to build a community.

Reasons why you don’t want to discuss porn from the pulpit:

  • Fear of man.  As clergy, we fear that if we talk about sex that people will leave with their tithing money.  This may or may not be true. However, when you listen to the other pastors, priests and ministers on the radio program, they will tell you that their fear was blown way out of proportion, and that the Church overall was incredibly grateful for discussing the topic.
  • You have an personal issue pornography at some level.  We as Church leaders can teach principles that we don’t keep, but we can’t give a freedom we don’t have.  Your Church can be free….but it starts with you.  

 Let us come alongside you regardless of what your scenario might be.  Please click here contact us today.