The Dustin Daniels Radio Show is an outreach ministry of Seven Places®.  Seven Places® is a Christ centered purity ministry. It is also recognized by the IRS as an organization exempt from taxation under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Tax Code, and gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

When you give to Seven Places®, you are:

  • Saving marriages from the brink of divorce.
  • Strengthening marriages to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Protecting children and grandchildren from generational sin.
  • Protecting children and grandchildren from the evils of pornography.
  • Protecting women from physical, spiritual, and emotional abuse.
  • Fighting back against sex trafficking and slavery.

Thank you very much for  your prayerful and financial support to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth through the lens of sexual purity.

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 From Our Colleagues:

“Having been involved with ministries and ministry leaders for quite some time, I can Dallas Bivinsassure you that the enemy is well-aware of our short-comings in battling addictions – of any kind! Seven Places is one place that I heartily recommend to anyone who is internally motivated and externally committed to transforming their lives for God’s service. They know what they’re talking about because they’ve been there before – and God is using them mightily for His Kingdom!”

Dallas Bivins
Director, Arizona Campus
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary


“Seven Places is a true Christ-centered recovery ministry and a timely gift to God’s church. Nick Ford Family_CroppedThey are coming alongside men to pull them out of habitual sin and restore them to purity and spiritual leadership.  Most importantly, they are doing this in the only way that actually works: through the power of Jesus Christ and His gospel.”

Nick Ford
Lead Pastor
Northern Hills Community Church


“Dustin Daniels is a man after God’s own heart.  He is a warrior for sexual purity in the Mark LaaserBody of Christ.  He has been a colleague of ours for a number of years and I am proud to call him a friend and colleague.

Mark R. Laaser, MDiv., PhD
Faithful and True


From Our Families:

“It was a crisis in my marriage that lead me to Seven Places.  Eight years of lies and deception about my sexual sin and related struggles finally came to light and forced a new direction.  God has used Pastor Dustin, Pastor Mike, and the amazing fellowship of the other men in the ministry to transform who I am.  For the first time in my life have I been able to recognize the lie that a life of sexual sin has to be the status quo.  As I result, I’ve experienced a great deal of freedom from the fear of inadequacy that I have battled since I was a kid.  Finally, my relationship with my wife is for the first time based off truth rather than lies.  We both now have the courage and freedom to be real with one another and experience life as partners rather than opponents.  I believe God led me to the ministry of Seven Places to save my marriage and to keep my sons from going down the same path of destruction that I went down.”   —Sean, Peoria AZ

“It’s so hard to clearly express how thankful I am for Seven Places and for what God has done in my life over the past year.  I’ve gained a whole new perspective and understanding of how God sees me and a hope that I’ve never felt before.  It’s so obvious that God has placed this calling on your life and I just wanted to say thank you for stepping out in obedience and faithfully doing what God has called you to do.  It’s so exciting to see how God is continuing to use this ministry and grow this ministry to change lives, set people free, and bring glory to His Name.  I love being part of this move of God, I’m excited to serve and to tell people about the ministry that God is using to bring healing in my life and to see the lifelong friendships that are forming.”    —Chuck, Phoenix AZ

“I got more out of the two days with the Immersion Workshop than I did out of the 8 month, every other week, 2.5 hour sessions lead by a Christian Counselor. The approach and content was just what God needed me to hear. The “heart wounds” exercise, although painful was freeing to say the least. The fellowship and coming together of the men was powerful. As you said would be the case, I do feel connected to the men in the group and I can see how God uses the bonding and intimacy with other Godly men for good in the process of recovery. I did not have complete awareness of the importance of that piece prior to the workshop. I feel like I have been lead forward by leaps and bounds toward being a committed follower of Jesus instead of a part-time fan.”   —Gary, Phoenix, AZ

“Having been a member of your brotherhood for over 5 years, I can comfortably say that without the guidance and enlightenment I have experienced through you, I would most certainly be divorced right now.  Instead, I celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary this past October, and look forward to many more forthcoming.  —Frank, Prescott AZ