The Dustin Daniels Show is a talk radio program that airs from Phoenix, AZ on Faith Talk Dustin Daniels on KPXQ 1360AMKPXQ 1360 AM and is listened to in 80 countries around the world .

The show started in 2012 and was dedicated to Proclaiming God’s Purity! The purity that only comes through His Son, Jesus Christ.  It is a resource for the Church and an alliance of top professionals specializing in God’s purity of sex, singleness, marriage, family, and children.

In November of 2015 and after producing over 115 shows, the Lord led Dustin to start discussing not only sexual purity, but to also discuss faith, family and headline news from a Christian perspective.  Eventually the new tag line became God, Sex & Current Events.

Dustin Daniels is your host. He is also the founder of Seven Places  – a Christ-Centered Purity Ministry.  Dustin is devoted to strengthening marriages along with  protecting children from the harms of pornography and sexual abuse.

Although the radio show talks a lot about sex…a subject most Churches and Christian families do not want to discuss or even acknowledge… Dustin unashamedly addresses it with Biblical Truth and without shock value. It is rated “G” for all ages and is a wonderful discussion starter for your children.  Dustin sheds God’s spotlight on the issue of pornography and sexual sin, while proclaiming God’s purity in the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman as the answer to a healthy marriage and society.

Have a question for the show? Call toll free 1-855-5-DUSTIN or email us by clicking here.